Twinkle in Togetherness

House of Shine is dedicated to enriching family connections and deepening understanding in households with autistic family members. We meticulously design our resources and activities with empathy and inclusivity in order to provide a unique pathway for families to celebrate and embrace the diverse strengths and challenges of autism.

Our Story, Your Journey

I’m Gina Uricchio. Before House of Shine came to life, my daughter, Ally, and I were on a quest similar to yours. We longed to connect with each other and with the world in a way that embraced the unique aspects of living with autism. We sought activities that could bring us closer, ways to understand each other’s experiences deeply, and a platform to share our creative and spiritual practices.

When we were struggling to find what we needed, we realized that we weren’t alone in our search. This realization sparked the creation of House of Shine. It became our mission to offer what we once sought: meaningful ways to connect with autistic family members, easy-to-follow yoga and meditation practices, engaging art activities, and simple yet enjoyable recipes for family bonding.

House of Shine is more than just a resource; it’s a reflection of our journey to find positivity, inspiration, and a deeper connection, now shared with families like yours.

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Explore the Rooms of Possibilities

Ally's Arts & Crafts Room:

Enter Ally’s imaginative world, a place where art and creativity spark closer family connections. Here, every brushstroke and color brings families together in a shared artistic journey. The arts and crafts room is a vibrant hub of creativity. Engage in craft activities that encourage bonding, laughter, and the joy of creating something together.

Gina's Yoga Studio:

In Gina’s Yoga Studio, families find peace and balance. Our yoga practices are specially designed for those with autistic family members and provide a harmonious space for unity and relaxation.


In The Kitchen:

Our kitchen is a haven for sensory-safe culinary adventures that unite families. These easy and enjoyable recipes turn cooking into a fun, shared experience that enriches family time with every meal.

A Lifestyle of Love and Learning

At House of Shine, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities for connection. Our resources are not only tools, but bridges to build a closer, more understanding relationship with your autistic family member. From our heartwarming book to our engaging activities and thoughtful merchandise, every offering is a step toward a happier, more connected family life.


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The Shine Experience

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Connect, Create, Celebrate

Join us in celebrating the unique bond that only a family can share. Explore our resources, try our activities, and let’s create a world where every family member shines. Your journey to deeper connection and joy starts here.