Welcome to Ally’s Art Room

Celebrating Every Shade of Brilliance

Welcome to Ally’s Art Room here at the House of Shine. It’s a place where color meets courage and creativity encourages connection. Every stroke, shade, and silhouette you see here tells a story—a testament to Ally, a young and gifted artist with autism. Here in the art room, we encourage inspiration and transformation, hoping that all visitors will see that autism can be a canvas for creativity. So, take some time exploring Ally’s masterpieces, join in the fun by downloading some coloring pages for your own artistic creations, and engage with the artistic community here.

Ally’s Artwork

When looking at Ally’s work, we are inspired by her unique perspective of the world around her. It bursts with the life and joy of genuine expression. Each piece is a glimpse into her mind that sees the world in a beautiful and different light. Ally’s Art Room is a testament to her talent and a source of inspiration for all of us who wander through it.

Feeling Inspired?

Join in on the Creativity!

Wandering through the gallery in Ally’s Art Room may have inspired you to create your own works of art. We are thrilled to offer some opportunities for you to download and take part in the fun! For a calming activity for you and your family or a solo creative escape, these coloring pages are an invitation to join in on the artistry and shine with Ally.

Shop And Support The Gallery

Every purchase, download, and share spreads the light of Ally’s sunshine while supporting the House of Shine. Adorned with Ally’s signature artwork, each purchase is an investment in a movement that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the unbreakable bond of family.

Pink Shine Mugs/Coffee Cup


Patience Art Print


I Carry Your Heart in My Heart Journal


House of Shine Journal


Reflections Art Print


The Earth Art Print


Ally’s Saltwater Art Print


Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Journal


Rainbow Journal


Ally’s Art Room: A Room That Grows With You

We’re so glad you’re visiting Ally’s Art Room today. The goal of this gallery is to strive to be a growing community. As Ally continues to create and share her works of art and love here, we invite you to revisit, re-engage, and rediscover the authenticity of art through an autistic lens. Your support, feedback, and participation is what lights up the House of Shine.

Join Us in Celebrating Every Shade of Brilliance

At the heart of House of Shine is the belief that everyone has a unique light to share. Ally’s Art Room embodies this spirit, offering a space for art and autism to speak in a language understood by the heart. We’re sharing artwork, building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating a community where every shade of brilliance is celebrated.