What’s Cookin’ in The Kitchen?

Welcome to The Kitchen at the House of Shine—where the main ingredient we use is love. The warmest and most welcoming room in the House, it’s a space where we create connections, celebrate what makes us unique, share laughs, and make memories that last a lifetime. Join us and let’s whip up some stories with a dash of laughter, a sprinkle of positivity, and a whole lotta love.

A Taste of Togetherness

In our kitchen, we believe that cooking together is one of the most beautiful ways to connect and communicate, especially for families with autistic family members. Every chop, stir, and taste brings us one step closer to understanding each other and the world around us. Through shared meals and cooking adventures, we discover the joy of being together, learning from each other, making mistakes together, and celebrating the victories. We’re glad you’re joining us for this taste of togetherness.

Downloadable Recipes that Tell a Story

More than just instructions on a page, our recipes are invitations to a culinary adventure that’s accessible for all members of your family, regardless of skill level or dietary needs. From comforting classics that warm the soul to exciting new creations to try together, we aim to inspire families to explore cooking as an art form as well as a fun and inclusive activity. With your help, every dish can be a masterpiece of joy and creativity!

Recipes For FUN!

Ready to have some fun? We have recipes for that, too, here in the kitchen. We’re excited to share some freebies with you—activity itineraries that will give you a great experience with your family. Make the most of beautiful sunny days or days when you’re stuck indoors because of rain—creating moments that will help your days shine regardless of the weather. We currently have a beach picnic activity guide ready for you to download. Imagine spending glorious hours at the beach with easy-to-make delicious snacks and fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

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Join Us in the Kitchen

Opening our kitchen to you is one of our greatest joys. We love sharing little peeks into our lives filled with tips, laughter, and maybe even a few tiny mishaps along the way. But, that’s the beauty of cooking together; it’s perfectly imperfect. Soon, we’ll expand these moments into social media stories, giving you even more of an opportunity to experience how we are living with our differences, learning from each other, and loving every minute of our time together.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together

Our kitchen at The House of Shine is a space where everyone belongs and every recipe is a celebration of the unique flavors that make our lives so rich and fascinating. Whether you’re here for the recipes, the stories, the laughter, or just a little inspiration, please know that you’re always welcome.