Gina’s Yoga Studio

Illuminate the Shine Within

Step into a sanctuary where breath guides movement, and every pose connects us with ourselves and the world around us. Here at Gina’s Yoga Studio in the House of Shine, we offer a haven for harmony with a gentle, nurturing approach that embraces every body, ability, and heart. We celebrate the diverse strengths that each of us bring to the mat, and make yoga fun and relaxing for families.

Yoga For Everybody

Hi, I’m Gina, co-founder of the House of Shine and author of “The Art & Voice of Autism.” Welcome to my yoga studio where I channel my passion for yoga into a powerful tool for connection and understanding. Each class is designed with love. My goal is to ensure families, including those who live with autism, find comfort and joy in this safe space where they can shine and be themselves. Here, I try to make yoga a family affair—a shared journey of self-discovery.

Downloadable Activities for Connection and Decompression

Discover the power of stillness and self-reflection through these downloadable yoga and meditation activities. Designed with the idea to build family bonds while strengthening oneself, these resources offer a variety of practices suitable for all ages and abilities. I will walk you through calming breathing exercises and engaging family-oriented yoga challenges. My goal is to ensure that every activity is a chance to grow together with compassion. My hope is that each lesson is a step toward wellness as well as a deeper and greater understanding of one another as individuals.

Find Inner Peace

—Meditate With Us!

 Life is stressful for everyone, but for someone living with autism, it can be completely overwhelming at times. Here in Gina’s Yoga Studio, we practice mindful meditation techniques that soothes the soul, reduces stress, and enhances focus. Whether you’re seeking a moment of peace on a busy day, or outside stresses have caused inner turmoil, or you simply want to explore your inner world—here you’ll find resources to help support you through this discovery of balance and tranquility.

Step Into The Light

Gina’s Yoga Studio here in the House of Shine is a place to build a community of hearts and minds united in the pursuit of wellness, understanding, and unconditional support. Join our community and let’s move one step closer to a world where everyone shines in their own unique way.

Join Our Community of Light

Whether you and your family are new to yoga or experienced practitioners, The House of Shine welcomes you to enjoy your time here at Gina’s Yoga Studio. Download activities and lessons, join a class, and let the time of connection and understanding begin. As we practice yoga and mindfulness, let’s strengthen each other and come together to build a brighter, more inclusive world.