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Five Things We Can’t Live Without for Fall

Ahh, we're finally moving into fall!

With the weather getting cooler, everyone falls into their routines for the school year.

I like to move quickly, and it’s hard to slow down sometimes. But with summer gone, I have a few more moments to myself.

I slow down. Breathe.

There’s so much to love about the changing seasons, and I want to share a few of my favorite fall things!

1. A good cup of coffee

Coffee is important year-round, but there’s something about drinking a hot cup of coffee from your mug on a cool fall morning.

You can take a few seconds to just enjoy the present. Let the mug warm your hands. Smell the coffee in the kitchen. Know that wherever your day takes you, you will have this moment of calm to return to tomorrow morning.


2. A cozy blanket.

When there’s a chill in the air, there’s nothing like cuddling up on a warm blanket.

Whether I’m reading a book or watching a movie, something about a good blanket makes life feel a little calmer.

A soft blanket can feel like a hug, and the sensory input can be especially comforting to some autistic people, too.

3. A fall blend of essential oils or fall-scented candles.

I love essential oils*, and there are some amazing blends that I associate with fall. Candles, too, can be a great way to summon the feelings of fall.

There are so many amazing oils that smell like fall to me, but some of my favorites are cinnamon, vanilla, eucalyptus, and clove.

I love diffusing my favorite blends around the house. Every time I smell them, I feel warm and happy.

Lighting a candle that smells warm and inviting is also something I love to do during fall.

Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool that can lift your mood, so I definitely encourage you to find your favorite scents

*If you have pets, make sure to use only pet-safe oils.


4. A yummy meal with family on a cold fall day.

There are so many meals that you might associate with fall. Everyone has their favorites.

For our family, eating dinner together has always been important. During the fall, it’s especially comforting to come together after a long day.

Eating a hot bowl of soup or pasta, we can start to relax.

Sometimes we talk. Sometimes there is quiet.

No matter what, being together and eating a hot meal at the table brings us together. And that is what I love the most.


5. A walk outside.

Being outside on a crisp fall day is magical. Whether I’m by myself or with my family, seeing the beauty of the season in nature is so wonderful.

The colors on the trees. The crunch of the leaves under our feet. The conversations we have.

A simple walk can mean so much.

And when we finish our walk we are a little happier, a little closer, and grateful to return to our warm home.



We hope you can also enjoy the changes that come with fall, too.

What are a few of your favorite fall things that you can’t (or, wouldn’t want to) live without?

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