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Autism at Work

October recognizes those who have disabilities who work & Mother Asana is proudly participating in establishing and widening the space for autistic individuals.  

Work is an essential piece of Ally’s life and schedule. Ally feels purposeful when she works. She practices following step-by-step directions and task completion while serving the community. Ally volunteers at Soulshine Yoga Studio in Old Wethersfield once to twice a week. She is responsible for making essential oil towelettes, vacuuming, and watering the plants. The yoga studio is one of her favorite places. She plays Mozart on the speakers while we work together and enjoys the serenity of the space. It is the perfect environment for Ally to work. She feels safe and comfortable which allows her to focus on her list of tasks. We’ve created a model that works best for Ally when practicing or learning new tasks. I do, you watch. I do, you help. You do, I help. You do, I watch. We use this model daily. Each week, Ally can complete her tasks more and more independently with the help of this model. 

Ally is a very proud young lady who enjoys giving back and making new friends in the community. Each time a new friend is made – connection is established! 

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